Yoruba Beaded Wall Hanging 023
Yoruba Beaded Wall Hanging 023

Yoruba Beaded Wall Hanging 023

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The Beaded Yoruba Beaded Wall Hangings are wonderful addition to a gallery wall, eclectic guest room, sweet baby's room or beautiful and mesmerizing piece for your art studio wall. Nubby and tactile, they are meant to be touched oogled and enjoyed.

  • dimensions : 9.5 x 53 inches.
  • Handmade, with some vintage qualities - no two are exactly a like!
  • Ready to hang from a beaded loop with a simple hook or nail.
  • Please note : each piece shows some light wear and tear (missing beads, worn threads, etc) and is not considered faulty, but a unique quality of the art itself. Check images carefully!
  • Handmade in Nigeria.

These wall hangings, otherwise known as Diviner's Belts or sashes, were one used for Yoruba ceremony, ritual and to denote status, however they are now crafted with broader motifs and iconography, relegating them to a more decorative position, to be enjoyed by all!