OTL jewelry is created with comfort, wearability and durability at top of mind. Each piece is constructed with the toughest materials possible, meant to withstand a great amount of wear and love. Compared to earrings and necklaces, bracelets and rings take much more of a beating from everyday life, simple based on the body part they adorn - your wrists and hands!

While it is ok to wear most OTL 24/7, we generally recommend limited exposure to :

  • water
  • cosmetics
  • sweat
  • chemicals

Though not always possible, our best recommendation is to remove jewelry when you shower, swim, workout and sleep. Making a habit of being gentle with your jewelry is the best way to keep it vibrant and lasting for decades to come.

Store jewelry flat, ideally in a covered box, protecting them from dust, dirt and oxidation. Most of our bracelets are string on nylon-coated steel wire. This wire has memory, so it will hold any hard bends as kinks. If pulled, it may also stretch and/or break.

We are happy to restring and repair any OTL Jewelry! Just gather the bits you are able to recover and shoot us an email with a picture of what you have and where the repair should be made and we will get back to you with a quote - simple as that!